Monday, August 30, 2010

A great weekend

I had a great weekend. Some new things happening for Eyeful Images that I'll update on later. Shot a couple great shows as well. Here's a sample from the Headroom show at Martini Ranch and the Back From Ashes CD Release show at Joes Grotto.

Thanks Headroom and Back From Ashes for choosing Eyeful Images Photographic Arts!

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Anonymous said...

YO Vic!!
Its A Ron... With HeadRoom.
I just wanted to say...WOW!! I came across your biz cards and was looking thru your website...Dude, you have some RAD pics (yea, I used RAD). Really great photogging ; )
Hopefully I will see ya at Martini Ranch for HeadRoom's (not so) secret second project, "Dr. Us". Take care bro! Keep up the SEICK pics

A Ron