Friday, September 25, 2009

Always there but often overlooked

Photographers often complain about having to shoot from the sound board which is usually a good distance from the stage. This only happens occasionally but when it does you need a loooong lens like a 300-400mm to get any kind of close up. Also the angle isn't as dramatic or personal as when you're a few feet away from your favorite guitarist or pop diva. But it's not all bad shooting from there. This point of view actually forces you see a very important element that I always love to capture when I shoot a concert. The fans. Without the fans there would be no concert. More importantly the people attending the show are quite a sight to observe. An ocean of heads and hands, sometimes lighters or camera phones. Photos of the crowds and of the bands with their field of fans in front of them make strong statements. You can see exactly what kind of power music commands when you observe this energetic mass and seeing the synergy between musician and concert goer is wonderful! It's something a photographers camera should never miss at a concert.

You can see my other shots of the Killers and the Nervous Wreckords at the Phoenix New TImes website.

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